Understanding the Science Behind Paint Protection Film

It seems almost like magic, doesn’t it? Your car gets a minor scratch, but rather than leaving a permanent scar, the mark gradually disappears. This is not a fantasy, but the reality of self-healing paint protection film (PPF). At Prime Time PDR, we believe that understanding this technology is key to appreciating its benefits. So…

Deer crossing the street with upcoming car.

What to Do if You Hit an Animal While Driving

Hopefully this is a situation that never happens to you, but if you accidentally hit an animal while driving, there are steps you need to take. From calling and reporting the accident to the police to filing insurance claims, we’ve covered the basics on what to do if you’re driving and hit a wild animal or someone’s pet.

SUV car in a garage next to the entrance to a house

How to Avoid Denting Your Car in Your Garage

While the garage may seem like the safest place for your vehicle, it’s one of the areas where your car is most likely to get dented, dinged or damaged. Whether the culprit is clutter or an excessively quick entry, garage dings can be expensive and unsightly, and it’s better to avoid them entirely than try…