FAQs about Paintless Dent Repair

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) bends your car’s metal back to its former glory by applying gentle pressure to the backside of the dent’s panel. This process is very delicate and requires experience and special tools not found in average car repair shops to fix effectively.

Why should I have a professional fix my dents?

Trying to fix your dents with a homemade solution you might have seen in an internet video is not only ineffective, but it can also make your dent worse, and in many circumstances, makes the dent unrepairable with paintless dent repair. Insurance companies have endorsed PDR as an effective method to repair dents for years, proving that paintless dent repair works.

Will my insurance rate increase to repair hail damage?

No. Car insurance companies provide two types of insurance: comprehensive and collision. Collision insurance covers you when you’re in a motor vehicle accident, and depending on who’s at fault, may make your insurance go up.
Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers vehicles from nature and other unforeseen circumstances. Your insurance rate does not increase when something like weather, which is unpreventable, damages your vehicle. In the case of hail, insurance companies cover this with all basic comprehensive plans, so you’ll always be covered for the unexpected.

How long to have the dent removed?

The process is really most dependent on the insurance company and the amount of dents. Once everything has been cleared by your insurance provider, depending on the dents, the process can take between an hour and a full 2-3 days of work. Because each dent is different and affects each car differently, it’s best to get an estimate to get a better idea of the repair cost and timing.

What’s the difference between paintless dent repair and other dent repair services?

Paintless dent repair gets the dents out without having to reapply paint. This prevents the headache of finding matching paint for your vehicle, which can be very difficult, if not impossible. In addition, replacing an entire part of a vehicle can also make your car look mismatched.

Are there different types of car dents?

Yes. Not all dents are created equal. There are round dents, creased dents, sharp dents, multi-point dents, and hail dents. Learn more about the types of car dents.

What’s a swage?

A swage is a line or ridge that extends along the length of your car. They’re commonly placed on the outer body of cars for style.

Should I buy a car from a “hail sale?”

No. Car dealers rarely compensate the damage to the vehicle with the sale price. Can we fix your newly purchased hail damaged car? Probably. Will it be worth it over buying a new car? Probably not.

Does paintless dent repair affect my car’s paint?

No. Many small, light, precise pushes are made to get the dent back into the right space without pushing enough to affect the paint.

What if my repair costs more than my insurance repair estimate?

We work with insurance companies to file an adjustment. This is a actually very common occurrence because further investigation of a dent and its location on a vehicle may often reveal that a repair is more complicated than originally thought. In these situations, our dedicated shop manager works with your insurance to have your repair fixed at little to no cost to you.

Should I file a hail claim for minimal damage?

Yes, because if it hails again and worse, you might not be covered. If your vehicle was damaged previously and not fixed immediately, then you dent your vehicle in another way, some insurance companies will not give you the full amount to fix all of the dents.

Do I have to use my insurance check on fixing the hail?

No. If you can live with it, then you can pocket the check or put it towards another vehicle. If it hails again, or your car gets dented further for an unforeseen reason, you might not be eligible for future insurance fixes.

Does the type of car affect the repair?

Because different vehicles of different years are all made of different materials, the type of car you drive may affect the time it takes to get your car dent free. On the whole, the process is the same for all vehicles.

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