Hail Damage Repair In San Antonio, TX

Hail causes insurance companies over $1 billion per year in damage. It is one of the most common natural disasters that insurance providers deal with and that’s no different in the San Antonio area. For this reason and more, our experts at Prime Time PDR provide comprehensive hail damage repairs to vehicle owners in the San Antonio area.black car needing hail damage repair

Hail damage often occurs because hailstorms spontaneously form during regular storms. Hail is formed from updrafts in thunderstorms that bring water into freezing atmospheric temperatures. Vehicles and structures are dented from the force that the hail falls, which is about 100 mph for baseball-sized hail, or the speed of a major league baseball pitcher’s throw.

Considering this speed, the size of the hail will be the primary indicator of the amount of damage possible. Hail ranges in size from pebble- to softball-sized.

  • Hail the size of a quarter will damage shingles and gutters.
  • Hail the size of golfballs, roughly 1.5-2 inches in diameter, will put dents in your vehicle.
  • Baseball sized hail, 2.5-3 inches will break windows and windshields.
  • Anything larger than 3 inches, at high speed, can put holes in certain roofs.

San Antonio is no exception to storms and the potential hail damage to vehicles. Some of the most intense hail storms in the state of Texas make landfall in San Antonio, with some record-breaking storms costing car owners and insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars in hail damage. That’s where Primetime PDR comes in. Primetime PDR can help you with any hail-related damages by providing hail dame repair services in the San Antonio area! Contact our expert team today!

Hail damage and insurance claims

Comprehensive car insurance covers vehicles from natural disasters, including hail storms, flooding, and theft. Liability, on the other hand, only covers you from accidents.

If you have comprehensive coverage, you have the coverage need in order to cover hail damage repair in San Antonio, TX. The type of insurance rate you have may include a deductible to be paid before the insurance provider takes care of the rest.

If your car has hail damage:

  1. Call your insurance immediately to file a claim. A claims adjuster will go over the process with you.
  2. Get a first estimate through your insurance provider. An insurance appraiser will have your car looked at to assess the damage. You’ll be given paperwork and a check to have your car fixed, including your deductible.
  3. Take your vehicle to Prime Time PDR. Now that you have the insurance check from your adjuster, set up an appointment with Prime Time PDR to have your vehicle fixed properly. If there’s a difference in the cost to fix the car and your insurance check, Prime Time PDR will work with your insurance company to file a supplemental claim, so you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Drop off your vehicle and relax. Once the vehicle is in the shop, we take over the process and service your car professionally and quickly.

How To Avoid Damage From Hail Storms

If you know a hail storm is coming to the San Antonio area soon, park your vehicle under solid cover. Trees are easily damaged by hail, and fallen branches can inflict even more damage to your car. Carports, garages, patio covers, or other solid structures are best for protecting your vehicle.

If you are driving or in your car when a hailstorm hits, safely find cover, if available, and wait the storm out. If you are unable to find cover, find a safe place to pull over and wait out the hail.

Do not go outside to repark your car during a hailstorm. With the impact hail can leave on vehicles, it can also cause severe damage to people. Under no circumstances should you leave the safety of cover during a hailstorm.

How Does Prime Time PDR Perform Hail Damage Repairs?

Prime Time PDR starts working on your vehicle by removing the interior panels underneath the dents so that the dents can be worked on efficiently. Special tools are then used to gently push the dents back into the right place.

After removing the dents, we utilize lights to make sure that the work is done evenly and perfectly. Prime Time PDR makes your dents completely indistinguishable from before it was dented.

Our hail damage repair process is so thorough, we guarantee the quality of our work for the lifetime of your vehicle. If your car has suffered hail damage in San Antonio’s recent hail storms, don’t hesitate. Contact Prime Time PDR today for a free consultation!

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