Paint Protection Film in San Antonio

Protect your vehicle’s clear coat (and the paint beneath it) from common unpleasantries like rock chips, surface scratches, swirl marks, and more.


Why Get Paint Protection Film?

Made with Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF and installed by our professional staff, our San Antonio Paint Protection Film Installation is the absolute best way to protect your vehicle from rock chips, surface scratches, bug splatter, swirl marks, and other surface-level unpleasantries.

Composed of a transparent elastomeric polymer substance that maintains a natural shape, and custom-cut to fit seamlessly on your vehicle, you’ll never see it — while it covertly preserves your vehicle’s paint job year-round.

  • Superior rock chip protection
  • Unparalleled scratch and stain resistance
  • Superior scratch and stain resistance
  • Eliminates any risk of swirl marks
  • Safeguards your vehicle from UV exposure, acid rain, or oxidation
  • Self-heals when light scratches occur
  • Can last up to 10 years if properly maintained

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About Xpel Ultimate Plus

At Prime Time PDR, we use only the best materials for our car care services. That’s why we happily choose Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF for all our paint protection film installations.

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film is the longest lasting and most durable paint protection film on the market. It offers both superior stain resistance and improved impact protection, making it resistant to even the harshest of nicks, scratches and rock chips. Moreover, with Expels proprietary “self-healing clear bra,” light scratches and swirls will disappear with heat from the sun.

The film is so clear that it’s invisible to the naked eye, and its unique edge-seal technology maintains maximum adhesion. What’s more, it can be utilized with any pattern for any car, for a precise installation that will leave your vehicle looking luxurious and well protected for years.

Paint Protection Film Packages & Features

Standard Package

  • Partial hood coverage
  • Partial fender coverage
  • Full bumper coverage
  • Headlight coverage
  • Painted mirror caps

Full Hood Coverage Package

  • Full hood coverage
  • Partial fender coverage
  • Full bumper coverage
  • Headlight coverage
  • Painted mirror caps

Full Front End Package

  • Full hull coverage
  • Full fender coverage
  • Full bumper coverage
  • Headlight coverage
  • Painted mirror caps

Full Car Coverage

  • Full hull coverage
  • Full fender coverage
  • Full bumper coverage
  • Headlight & mirror cap coverage
  • Every contour, edge, and crevice


How we install our paint protection film in San Antonio



After you drop off your car, we’ll do a full inspection to ensure your vehicle’s paint job is perfect before we apply. We’ll also hand-wash, decontaminate, and clay bar your vehicle to ensure it’s entirely free of debris and imperfections that might cause the surface layer or ‘bra’ to not lay down properly).



Once your car is cleaned and dry, we’ll use our state-of-the-art commercial plotter to print rolls of paint protection film that are pre-cut to fit the dimensions of your vehicle. This process ensures a seamless installation—making the film entirely unnoticeable when applied.



From there, we’ll apply your paint protection film for your vehicle, using a variety of techniques to ensure a seamless installation. We even use surgical scalpels (as opposed to standard razor-blades) to precisely cut any excess film—providing the best installation possible.



Following installation, we’ll inspect your vehicle for any creases and bubbles, being careful to remove them without damaging the film. Then we’ll apply heat using an industrial heat gun to activate the adhesive, ensuring the PPF sticks snuggly to your vehicle, completing the installation.

Is your paint job worth protecting?

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Why Choose Us for PPF Services?

Custom-cut To Your Vehicle

We’ll custom-cut out paint protection film to the length of your vehicle. This allows us to create custom slices of film that fit perfectly with your vehicle’s contours and edges.

Seamless Application

We’ll use all manner of expert techniques and tricks (such as a scoring, trimming, and feathering) to ensure any excess film is out of sight. We’ll fully wrap all corners and tuck all edges to ensure a top-tier installation.

Experienced Installers

PPF is a relatively tricky install. The job requires lots of precision-work that—unlike a vinyl wrap—is easy to botch. Fortunately, our San Antonio paint protection film installers are some of the best in the business, and are guaranteed to do it right every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paint Protection Film (otherwise known as “clear bra”) is a clear protective film made using a transparent polyurethane substance that can be used to protect your vehicle from common ‘surface-level’ unpleasantries like surface scratches, water deposits, uv exposure, acid rain, or oxidation. Completely see-through and slightly pliable, PPF is an affordable and discreet way to protect your car’s paint job year-round.
Fun fact: Paint Protection Film was developed by the U.S. military to help prevent structural damage to their helicopter rotor blades, without affecting their performance.

Vinyl wrap is pretty thick compared to PPF, which makes the former both easier to install and not transparent. In contrast, PPF is transparent and much thinner and lighter (which makes it both harder to install and completely see-through). Unlike vinyl, paint protection film also offers superior scratch and stain protection, and is much better at protecting your vehicle from the elements.

Yes. You can choose from two finish options:

A fully-transparent film (also known as a clear bra) that will give your vehicle a see-through glossy-finish that accentuates the painted surfaces underneath. Or you can go with a ‘stealth’ version that will provide a matte finish that compliments with your vehicle’s paint job.

A professionally installed paint protection film that’s properly maintained should last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. After which, it will need to be completely removed and replaced for your vehicle to remain fully protected.

It depends. The price varies greatly depending on how much film you use (based on the size and contouring of your vehicle), the type of film used, and the labor involved.

Due to the precision-work involved, Paint Protection Film is one of the hardest paint jobs to do yourself. Moreover, inferior PPF products and knock-offs will often discolor and develop a yellowish tinge—ruining the paint job of your vehicle. That’s why we recommend you work with a professional San Antonio PPF installer who can do it right.

You’ll be able to wash your car with paint protection film on, but you should be careful about which type of car wash you get. High-pressure car washes should be reconsidered as high-pressure water can result in the edges of the paint protection film starting to curl up and come off. But, you should wait at least 7 days before washing your car after PPF is applied.

In most cases, our PPF installation experts will want to monitor the vehicle for 24 hours to ensure that none of the edges are starting to lift before giving the vehicle back to its owner. If this time period is too long, you should wait at least 2 to 3 hours indoors while the edges seal and the adhesive sticks to the vehicle.