What are the Types of Car Dents?

Just as there are many types of cars, so too are there many types of car dents. Many minor car dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair. These dents include:

Round Dents

Round dents are dimples that are caused by round objects such as hail hitting your vehicle. Round car dents can feature a point in the middle, making the dent appear like a shallow funnel. Dents can also be be rounded but contain no central point in the middle, much like a shallow pool.
Round dents are most commonly fixed with PDR if there is no paint damage caused by the dent.

Creased Dents

Creased dents are typically caused when a sharp object is dragged along the panel of a vehicle. They’re most commonly found on the side of cars. Depending on the severity, creased dents can cause further dents and points on the body of a vehicle, and grow worse over time.

Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are dents that occur on the body lines of a vehicle. Those body lines that occur along the side of your car are referred to as swage, and because these points often protrude just a little, during small accidents they’re commonly one of the first areas of the car hit. Sometimes, minor collisions may make one dent, but it’s also common for a small dent above and below the swage to occur.

Hail Dents

Hail dents are most often round dents caused by hail that occur on the hood, roof and trunk of vehicles. Hail dents depend entirely on the size and speed of the hail, but are typically repairable with paintless dent repair. Most hail dents are shallow and can be fixed individually with PDR. The difficulty in repairing hail dents comes with the large number of dents that often need repairs. When your car is stuck in a hailstorm, it’s extremely uncommon that only a few hailstones would create damage. Given how common hail is in the area, trust local experts like Prime Time PDR for hail damage repair in San Antonio.

Multi-point Dents

When you’re in a minor car accident, dents don’t always have one central point or line, but can often have many points and surfaces. These dents can range in complexity and size, but with the right care, multi-point dents can often be removed with PDR. Prime Time PDR has successfully fixed dents the size of footballs before. The key to finding out whether multi-point dents are fixable with paintless dent repair is to call Prime Time PDR, the paintless dent repair experts immediately for your free estimate. Trust the experts at Prime Time PDR for dent and door ding repair in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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