Door Ding Repair in San Antonio

Door dings and dents are some of the most common accidents that occur in driving. Every time you pull into a parking lot, you’re susceptible to incurring dents from other cars, car doors, or shopping carts. If your car has been dented or dinged, don’t hesitate, call an expert at Prime Time PDR to get started.

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Dealing with insurance

Depending on how your door was dented, you may or may not want to contact your insurance to file a claim. If you’re not exactly sure what to do, Prime Time PDR can help.

If someone else hit your car:

Find proof of the other car dinging you. Look for paint on the other vehicle. Take plenty of pictures, including the damage, the car next to you, the location of each car in relation to each other, the parking lot, and anything else that may be useful in the future.

Ask for surveillance from nearby stores if applicable. If someone admits to it, or you witnessed the accident, get their insurance information and call their insurance company to file a claim.

If your car was hit and you weren’t there to see the hit, or can’t prove it:

After you’ve thoroughly documented the incident, get an estimate with your insurance company first and as quickly as possibly. If the estimate is less than your deductible, do that. If it’s not, it’s a judgement call. Your rates could increase if you report a door ding for them to compensate.

If the damage is significant and clearly a hit and run:

Document the incident and reach out to the authorities. Look for surveillance footage of the incident. If it’s clear that it was a hit and run, contact your insurance provider, as hit and runs are covered by insurance in Texas.

If you dinged your own vehicle:

If you accidentally opened up your car door too close to a pole or other structure, get an estimate at Prime Time PDR before contacting your insurance. In many cases, your insurance rate will increase if you file a claim, so it’s beneficial to check repair costs before moving forward.

We Repair Door Dings

Without a physical examination, it’s almost impossible to tell the extent of the damage, and the cost to repair. If your car has been dinged or dented, Prime Time PDR offers free estimates to best assess your and your vehicle’s needs.

Prime Time PDR starts working on your vehicle by removing the interior panels beneath where the ding occurred, so that we can clearly see the area. Special tools are then used to gently push the dents back into the right place.

While removing the dents, we utilize special lights to guide and ensure the work is done correctly, the first time. Prime Time Paintless Dent Repair makes your door ding a thing of the past.

Our paintless dent repair process is so thorough, we have a lifetime guarantee on all of our work, to maximize your satisfaction. Call Prime Time PDR today!

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