Water DamageA parked car on a flooded street.

Hurricane Harvey has left nearly a million new and used cars damaged by floodwaters. People in Houston, San Antonio and other parts of Texas are now concerned about the lifespans of their cars. Learn more about the damages of flooded cars to know if you need repairs. Here are the common signs of water damage to spot on a car.

The Smell

The easiest way to find water damage is to smell the car. This odor usually comes from mold, which grows on many flooded cars and is very difficult to remove. If you are buying a car, be able to recognize an air freshener that is commonly used to cover up the smell.

Cracks and Holes

Look for dents, cracks or holes on the vehicle. Some dents are hard to see, so use your sense of touch to feel over the surface. During floods, it’s common for debris like rocks and tree branches to fall onto the car.

A paintless dent repair is performed to remove dents from the auto body surface. It involves using simple tools to pull out the dent. There are mechanics who offer dent repairs for classic cars, which are damaged worse than new ones. They work to keep the car whole without having to demolish its parts.


Rust damages cars right away and gradually over time. Check all the car parts from the door panels to the undercarriage. It’s common to find rust along the doors, so test them and listen for unusual sounds. Some sellers may paint over this problem, so feel for rust on the surface.

The Floor

The floor is damaged the worst by floodwaters. Look for wet spots on the carpet along with signs of mold or mildew. Extensive damage means that the carpet cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

The Trunk

People do not tend to check the trunk, but floodwaters often collect there. Touch the carpet for damaged parts and check underneath it. Check for flakes and signs of rusting.

Do your research to maintain the value of a car that was flooded in a recent hurricane. Protect your investments by learning about a damaged car and the solutions to fix it. Contact Prime Time PDR today to learn more.